Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tourmaline Briolettes & Pearl Earrings

Wire Wrapped Tourmaline Briolettes & Pearl EarringsHappy Valentine! and here is a very special earring for this very special day. This is a commissioned piece and this time I use something I have never use before - tourmaline! I just love the color of this gemstone but they are just so expensive. They look like stars. The centerpiece are 6mm gold colored swarovski crystals. I wrap the pearls and tourmaline briolettes with 30g wire. Happy Valentine!


  1. Ooooh Mei, these look -pretty-! They seem so expensive, you're right - tourmalines are beautiful stones. I haven't used them in my jewellery yet - no confidence to use anything really expensive for the time being, but I think they're gorgeous!


  2. Hi Shuku, yeah they are expensive, which make them all the more precious. Thanks for looking.


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