Sunday, February 17, 2008

Went Shopping Today

Labradorite Rondelles (10mm), pearl and moonstone (8mm)

I went shopping this morning and look at what I have gotten for myself! Aren't they beautiful, especially those Labradorite Rondelles (10mm) and moonstone (8mm). Other than that, I also purchased two huge agate (oval) that have surface that look like fish scales. Really special this stones but quite heavy due to the size - about 3 in long. Other gems I bought include a strand of freshwater pearl (baroque-shaped), 2 button pearls, faceted teardrop smoky quartz, 3 pieces of free form black onyx and some metal spacers. Huge orangy oval agate2 button pearlsI am in love with the labradorescence! Labradorite Rondelles (10mm)


  1. oooh! Labradorescence is very very nice indeed! me likey too! :)

  2. Yes! I am still "lau nua" over them. No idea yet on what to do with them. It must be something special....mmmm!

  3. that labradorescence is OFF THE CHAIN!!!


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