Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sparkly Ring - Pearl Version

Working with swarovski crystals whole day can be tough on your eyes. So, to relax my eyes, I shift to pearls. OK, I am exaggerating a bit here but really after so many days with swarovski crystals, I just can't wait to try something else so the result is this Pearl version of the Sparkly Rings I have been making lately. Wire Wrapped Pearl Sparkly RingThe technique use is similar with the Sparkly Ring. The tutorial for this ring is available at my Etsy Shop - WireBliss and on this blog (top right hand corner). This ring is also for sale at my etsy shop if you are interested. You see, if you know how to make this ring, there is no end to how you would like the ring to look like. You can mix and match your favorite gemstones and colors. But I just love pearls. They are me :P Wire Wrapped Pearl Sparkly Ring close up of Wire Wrapped Pearl Sparkly Ring

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