Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pearl Briolettes Earrings

Can never get enough of pearls. What can I say? It is my favorite gem. I made this "Baby Shoes" today. Didn't notice that they look like baby shoes until I took this picture. I discovered these pearl briolettes at Szarka's Ebay store few weeks back and ever since they arrived few days ago, they have been whispering to me....every second of the day :P I broke one piece though...actually I accidentally drop it on the floor and it breaks at its neck. Pearl Briolettes Earrings Pearl Briolettes Earrings Wire Wrapped Pearl Earrings


  1. Mei, they are indeed like little baby shoes! So charming and lovely, and the colour is gorgeous.

    I love the pearl sparkly ring too, so elegant. And oooh YAY I can't wait to see the crystal sparklies when they arrive!


  2. haha! They DO look like baby shoes! How cute! I like how you've done twisty thing with the pink pearl on top! classy!

  3. Hi Bell, been a while. How are you? Heard you mom going over. Kuang graduating? How time flies.

  4. Shuku, I love the color and the shape as well..:D
    Your sparklies are on their way, shipped them this morning.


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