Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wire Work Related Hazard

Yeah! Wire working can be hazardous to your fingers. Look at what it does to my fingertips. Looks scary right? This is the result of working on a number of rings (can't tell how many, but a lot). My skin is peeling and there is a painful crack on my thumb. The bottom pix shows the pointing finger with the hardened tip as a result of repeated pressing/holding of the wires in place. Cracked fingertips Not that I am complaining but just want to share with readers that the handcrafted pieces don't come easy (sometimes!). That aside, it will not slow me down from twisting wires :D I am addicted, so I don't feel the pain :P. I wonder what is next? I wonder if other wire workers get this type of fingertips as well?


  1. pity onn u mei!yes u was right it was not easy to make wire jewelry..but u punya kerjatangan terlalu kemas ..i sampai sekarang admirer pada u punya kerja tangan,tak nampak cacat langsung

  2. takpa Yati, its part of my "addiciton"! I take the risk voluntarily..haha :)
    thank you for admiring my work. Appreciate it.

  3. Mei, you poor thing! My skin cracks too on the thumb and my index finger (for pulling thin wires tight)... but they are not as bad as yours! That also proof that you have great sales over there! Congrats! :D

  4. Oh Mei, I can so sympathize with this. Every time I finish with a piece, it's blisters and skin peeling more than that because I'm so cacat at this at the moment...

    But I'm glad at least that nothing bleeds. Well. No that's not right, because I poked myself hard with the wires last week and it DID bleed a bit. Oww oww oww!


  5. Shuku! shuku! its worst today and I am already feeling down as I can't make more. This (crack) is worst than getting poked by the wires because everytime I press hard its like making the crack bigger...huhu!


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