Friday, April 11, 2008

Sparkly Crystal Ring by Candice

Sparkly Crystal Ring Tutorial ******************************** Here is another sample of the sparkly crystal ring made based on my Sparkly Crystal Ring tutorial. This is made by Candice of The Fortunes of Me. Here is what Candice said about my Sparkly Ring Tutorial:
I just purchased your Sparkly Ring tutorial yesterday and made my first Sparkly Ring today. I could not believe how easy this ring was to make. The instructions were written out so clearly and there were so many illustrations that anyone could make this ring. wire wrapped sparkly crystal ring by CandiceThis ring design is so versatile. I made this, my first, with an 8mm swarovski pearl and sterling silver. I will be keeping it for myself. But there will definitely be more Sparkly Rings to come from me and it is all thanks to you and your design.
wire wrapped sparkly crystal ring by CandiceIf you would like to purchase the tutorial for this ring, look to the top right hand side column of this blog. Otherwise, you can check it out at my Etsy Shop - WireBliss. Happy wrapping!

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