Saturday, May 17, 2008


The best thing to hear after a day of work (yeah! I have to work this weekend) is a very positive comment from someone who purchased my Sparkly Ring Tutorial. Here's what she has to say. This really made my day.....:)
Dear Mei, I have been having so much fun making rings using your tutorial! Thank you so much for creating it. I have to say, I am so pleased with how professional the tutorial looks and how incredibly clear the directions and pictures are. I love that I ended up with great looking results from the first ring. Plus it has inspired me to be more creative with wire overall. My 13-year-old daughter and I have covered our fingers in sparkly rings! If you are planning on creating any different wire tutorials please let me know. Laura Marino "Each dawn we open our eyes to a gift we don't deserve and haven't earned. Another day, another hour, another breath. The greatest miracle is taking the emptiness of life and filling it with eternal meaning. It's an invitation from the king!" -Carol Walker (my mom)
Thank you Laura. :)

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