Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pearl & Garnet Ring

This is a simple pearl and garnet wire wrap ring made last weekend. This ring is special in a way as the sizes of the pearls are different, increasing in size as they approach the center, same with the garnet beads as can be seen in the second picture. I maybe listing this ring in my Etsy shop soon. simple pearl and garnet wire wrap ring Close up of simple pearl and garnet wire wrap ring simple pearl and garnet wire wrap ring


  1. Mei,

    I love all of your pieces and this ring is no exception. Beautiful like all the rest.

  2. Thanks Candice. You can do it too. It is the same technique as the sparkly ring only that I don't bring the wires (garnet ones) over the focal bead.

  3. Mei,

    OKay, now I see it. I might have to try it out. If you don't mind.

  4. No problem Candice, I don't mind, its your creativity.
    Give it a try and show it off later :)

  5. oh great! i really love to have one, specifically rings coz i never get to have one since i was small.

  6. Are you going to make one yourself? If you need help, check out my tutorial for a Sparkly Crystal Ring at my etsy shop or here in my blog.
    Thanks for dropping by.


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