Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wire Weaved Cross ala Iza

In my previous post here, I have shown you this piece only partially. If you are a wire wrap jewelry enthusiasts, you may have seen this familiar piece of cross one time or another in the www. Yeah! This is Iza's inspired cross involving lots of wire weaving and long hours. This piece is wire weaved with 29ga stainless steel wire (yeah a bit stiff for weaving) over 19ga stainless steel wire but I am very satisfied with the outcome. Managed to weaved them close and tightly. The stones are peridot. The focal was weaved herringbone style. Wire Weaved Cross ala Iza Wire Weaved Cross ala Iza Wire Weaved Cross ala Iza Wire Weaved Cross ala Iza


  1. Mei, your weaving is so even and precise! You can really tell that you have lots of skill and expertise.

  2. Oh Mei,
    It is gorgeous!! And with no tut? You are amazing! I have the tut but have yet to attempt it. After seeing yours though I may have to suck it up and try it.

  3. :) Thanks Leslie, thanks Candice. Must try it out. Its so addictive that I don't mind the hours spent to make it.

  4. Great work as usual!
    Btw, check out my blog, gave you an award :)


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