Monday, June 30, 2008

My Dream of Becoming a Jewellery Maker

Well, I should have posted earlier but my internet access at home was not so good for the last few nights. And now its lunch time so I steal some time to tell you what happened yesterday.

First of all, I thought my dream is really turning into reality when I saw a position vacant for a Jewellery Maker in the paper last Friday. Interesting right? Without wasting time, I called the number and arranged for the interview. The voice on the other side said that it is ok if I don't have the qualification as training will be provided and I can bring some of my pieces as proof of my creativity or ability in making jewelry....No problem there.

Packed all my pretties (remaining ones) and yesterday, at 2pm I showed up at the place for interview. Nice place and jewellery on display and for sale. Salivating already...:). I introduced myself and apologize that I didn't bring my resume as it will be irrelevant with the post I am interested with....yeah! an environmental management and social study background wouldn't help me in this application...I think...hoho. And it was proven when I showed him my pretties. To make the story short, after some chit chatting (yeah the interview is very informal), I am hired on the spot! WOW! What a great feeling...feels like jumping up and down really.

THEN, we came to discussing the wage, a very important part as you know the current economic condition is not that good...fuel price increase, followed by others, etc. etc. at the end of the day, our pay is just enough to pay off loans and other basic necessities of life.

My shocked when I heard what he will be paying/month must have shown very clearly on my face as he did say "By the look on your face, I think you will not accept this offer" (Note: must try to hide my true feelings better next time). Oh well, this is the first time where I am hired on the spot in an interview, so its such a waste that I really really! really! really!need to reconsider the offer. To pursue my dream or........I did not tell him this but what he is offering is just enough to pay for my monthly car loan. So, you can imagine roughly how much it is.

I didn't know jewellery maker is being paid this low (less than RM1000k/month). Maybe its fair as he said, he hires inexperience people and they will provide all the training needed. Do you have any idea how much is a jewellery maker being paid? Leave me a comment...

All in all the interview went smoothly and I am happy to know this young man. He is a gemologist and the owner of the jewellery outlet/s. He is hiring 7 jewellery makers this time around for his business expansion.

Finally last night I decided to decline this offer (must call him tomorrow), although with a heavy heart. I don't think I can survive with that salary. If I don't have to consider the pay, I would have accepted on the spot. But that is life. We need to weigh between reality and dream.


  1. its just so sad that Malaysian won't value handmade jewelry makers. Look around people surrounding me would tell me that already, I even got comment like "I don't know what to say, may be you're too free, but good luck." or "Oh wow, so pretty, I want!"

    That's it. Not even cheap labor per se, I feel better if I make up my mind that I ain't gonna sell any of my stuff locally? :) I hope one day things will change.

    Hang in there dear, things only will gets better!

  2. We will just have to live with that for now. hopefully one day it will change for the better.
    At least there are some people around me who appreciate my jewelry and don't mind paying for it.
    I hope that will happen to you as well soon, be patient..:D

  3. Oh Mei,

    That really stinks!! Getting your hopes up and all. Don't worry tough maybe you weren't supposed to get that position because there is a better one waiting for you somewhere else. One where you will be appreciated!!

    I still haven't sold anything from my blog shop:( but my etsy shop is doing okay. Sold two more bracelets there this week and a ring last week. That's how it goes thoug I guess. Maybe I just need to promote my blog shop more and myetsy shop less. Etsy really doesn't need to be promoted too much anyways.

    BTW I was going to link your blog shop to mine if that's okay. Maybe people will look through my shop and even if they don't buy from me they may end up looking through your.

  4. No worry Candice. Thanks anyway.

    Congrat! with you sales at Etsy. My blog shop is just like yours while my Etsy...finished pieces is not selling..seems like rings are not popular. I will list items again in the next few weeks as currently I am busy finishing off custom orders. Same goes to promoting the shops....:(
    Yeah! lets exchange links. Will go do now.


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