Friday, July 11, 2008

Rings Made Last Night

These are rings I made last night. I seems to have a following for the Black Onyx wire wrap ring. Been making a number of them :) Black Onyx wire wrap ring Same with the sparkly crystal rings here. Made these two with 20ga Sterling Silver wire and donut shaped swarovski crystal and sterling silver metal beads. Love them, will make one for myself soon. If you are interested to find out how I make these rings, I have a tutorial for it as well. Check out the right hand top corner of this blog or my etsy shop. wire wrapped sparkly crystal rings wire wrapped sparkly crystal rings


  1. Thanks for your comment on my earrings. Your work is beautiful, great craftsmanship.

  2. I really enjoy many of your creations. It must be hard finding all of the different items you need to put together such beautiful pieces. I am interested in your tutorials. Please let me know if you also tell me where to purchase the items to make each piece. Thank you!!

  3. Hi twistedjeweler! Thank you for visiting and for asking.
    In my tutorials, I do list down what type of materials and tools required for a project but not where to purchase them. This is mainly because the tool and materials I use are very common. Eg., I will list down material needed as "One 8mm bead" or "10in of 24ga wire", etc. etc. As such, it can be any 8mm bead of your choice or any wire (sterling or gold filled) of your choice.
    If you have further questions on a particular tutorial, email me at , I can show you a sample page from my tutorial.


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