Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sparkly Pearl Ring & Mackintosh Wire Wrap Ring

Arrrrg! Having internet connection again. Been trying to post for the last hour but the pix don't want to upload. Is it my computer or is it blogger?...........stress. Anyway, here are two rings I got done today. Both are commissioned pieces. Was planning to finish more pretties but busy with errant whole morning and looking for beads in the afternoon. Basically been spending money today :) Sparkly Pearl Ring & Mackintosh Wire Wrap Ring
Sparkly Pearl Ring & Mackintosh Wire Wrap Ring This is a commissioned piece made based on a tutorial by Jim Mackintosh. Making this ring is very challenging as I use round stainless steel wire while Jim recommended soft square wires. No choice here for me. The end result is ok and just hope the owner will like it too :) Mackintosh Wire Wrap Ring
Mackintosh Wire Wrap Ring
Mackintosh Wire Wrap Ring Mackintosh Wire Wrap Ring


  1. Mei,
    I love the blue ring!! Was it difficult to do with round wire? I have been wanting to do a like ring but don't have the square wire that it calls for so I haven't even attempted it.

  2. This is my first time Candice so its kind of difficult to hold the round wires together especially when bending the three wires together to form the frame for the cab. Most likely because my soft stainless steel wire is not as soft as soft silver wire :(
    However, it is achievable. Needs lots of adjustment all the way though. As you can see, my ring is not symmetrical if you look closely :) Should be easier with soft silver wire.

  3. himei! i had this machintosh toturial long time seem very nice handmade from you think ,it is suit for man?im looking for man design untill now but still cannot find the suit ring design for u have any suggestion?

  4. duh Yati, i thought I hv replied you on this ring. obviously I forgot to press the publish button.
    Anyway, yes this method can be used to create ring for man but you need to use bigger cab. The cab I used here is small and thin therefore it looks more feminine. I am sure if you use thicker and bigger cab, it would look manly. Give it a try.

  5. Corra thanks for stopping by. Still busy.....:(

  6. never mind mei! iknow u will reply me soon..something error happend in our always happend to me when im too busy..emm i think it logic also to use the bigger bead for man..i should try it..thank mei for your oppinion...


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