Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Spring Cleaning for My Blog

De-cluttering and Revamping my Blog After blogging for more than two years, I think this is a disease - revamping the look of my blog and decluttering :). So, I did just that last night and my blog was not accessible whole of last night as I can't put it back to "anybody" can view when I am done about midnight....Duh! And now, this morning, I discovered that my 3 column layout is now 2 column in Firefox (it looks ok with my PC at home!) but 3 column in IE...duh! duh! duh! Migraine coming liao! How am I going to fix that....HELP! anybody with html knowledge....need your kind help please. (edit July 9, this issue is settled, thank you everyone). Blog Traffic/Views Another good news for my blog and me and thank you to all my readers and visitors. I don't know when I reach this total but I only noticed it last night while working on my blog. My blog has more than 100,000 views/visitors. Yey! Is that a reason to celebrate? Ah well, treat myself to Big Apple Donut afterwards. :) Testimonial for my Sparkly Crystal Ring Tutorial This testimonial really makes my day. It is from one of my Sparkly Ring Tutorial customer. So, here goes:
Hello everyone! I hope this is allowed by the moderators. I am usually just a lurker here, but I wanted to say a little testimonial for Mei's Sparkly Ring Tutorial. I purchased her tutorial from her Etsy shop in May and I have had so much fun with it. The directions and pictures couldn't be any more perfect. My 13 year old daughter jumped on the bandwagon and now we have rings all over our fingers and our toes! My girlfriends have all put in their requests (they know they always get jewelry for bithdays and such) and I even had a woman offer to buy one right off my finger in a restaurant! This has been a great way to keep my teenage daughter happy and busy during these boring and hot summer afternoons. Plus I got an unexpected bonus, my 3 year old daughter who has been giving me FITS with potty training, finally had success when I dangled a ring as the carrot! Whoowhee, Mei, I love you! LOL
Today is a wonderful day but I better get back to work.....back to deadlines..:)

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