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Few Angelic Earrings

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hmmm...weekend is almost gone but I didn't manage to spend more time with wire jewelry the last two days. House chores came first last Saturday morning. Spent the whole morning spring cleaning the kitchen/dining room. Got rid of bottles and containers accumulated over the years but not willing to part with (not me ya..hehe!). Finally, there are more rooms for more containers :) ...... actually I bought new tupperware containers the other day and I need to make space for them :D

Anyway, I managed to get these angelic earrings done in the afternoon before being "forced" to take a short nap with the boys...I don't know why but I have to lie down next to them whenever they want to take their nap. Otherwise, they won't lie down and sleep...Anyway, I treat this time as my "quality" time with them...:) So you see, this is a cycle every weekend. Half of my afternoon gone this way. 

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