Monday, September 22, 2008

Heart in Heart, Wire Woven Heart Pendant

This wire woven heart is a commissioned piece, completed late last night and shipped out this morning to its new owner. 
I call it Heart in Heart as there is a smaller heart inside the bigger one. Really love this piece and was so tempted to keep it for myself :) I enjoyed the weaving (with 28ga stainless steel wire) so much that I am planning to use this technique more in future. 
stainless steel wire woven heart with Swarovski Crystal Holding the stainless steel wire woven heart with Swarovski Crystal


  1. This is wonderful! What a fantastic design you've created. I love the asymmetry, with the graduated colors of crystals along one side, and the "curly" or "loopy" extra heart on the other. Your customer will be so pleased!

  2. i also falling in luv with this luv look really strong enough..

  3. Thank you Teri, Yati!
    I was considering crystals for both sides of the heart initially but then decided on the tiny little loopy heart instead.

  4. wow, this is beautiful! You work in very inspiring to me. I have been working with wire for a few months. I especially love your rings. You are very gifted!

  5. thank you Mary. Feels good to be able to inspire someone. Do drop by from time to time to get inspired :)

  6. My first time here and I must comment on your wire wrapped heart... What a beautiful design! read about you on the WWJ forum.

  7. Welcome Anna and thank you. Do stop by from time to time to check out and be inspired :)


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