Friday, September 05, 2008

Pink & White Themed Bracelet

My headache lasted for almost two days! Duh! Took the day off from work today as I can't think and work properly when I got the headache attack and whole body feels very weak. Painkillers are not effective anymore so I just have to let it end by itself. It finally ended about mid noon today. Took some chinese herbs a while ago. Hope it will helps lessen the pain in the next attack :(
And here is the bracelet I made after the headache. A pin and white themed wire wrap bracelet. Stones include rose quartz, pearls, moonstones, cherry quartz and swarovski crystals. 
Have a wonderful weekend all. 


  1. Beautiful bracelet. So glad your headache is gone. I get them too, and I just can't create when I have them. Hope you continue to feel well.

  2. I simply love your work. I can't believe you could do anything this wonderful after a 2 day splitting headache! Your wire wrapping is positively gorgeous!


  3. Thanks Janine! Feeling much better already. Such a great relief! and yes same here...I can't create when I have them. Do you take pain killer when you have them?

  4. Thanks so much Terib for dropping by. The idea for this bracelet was already done earlier (in my head) but delayed due to the headache :)


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