Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wire Crocheted Bracelet - My First

My customers are wonderful people who always give me new challenges by requesting something that I have never done before. This time around is a request for a tourmaline chips wire crochet bracelet.
I was quite hesitant to start as I am not very sure if I can make it or not. After all I have very basic crocheting skill. I can only make the loop or what is known as chain stitch. But fortunately, that is all you need to know to make a wire crochet bracelet - make some loops. Oh! don't forget the crochet hook.
Look at my first attempt with the tourmaline chips. Broke some chips in my first try. They are so brittle. Most likely due to the wire I used, 26g wire which is too thick for crocheting.
tourmaline chips wire crochet bracelet
On my second attempt, I use 28g wire and the result is my first wire crocheted bracelet! Not that difficult after all. Learn to crochet a loop and you will be on your way to many many more wire crochet bracelets, necklaces, etc. etc.
tourmaline chips wire crochet bracelet
tourmaline chips wire crochet bracelet tourmaline chips wire crochet bracelet
If your are interested to learn wire crocheting, here are three sites that provide free wire crochet tutorials that I found online and they are easy to follow:
You tube - Karla Kam
Happy trying :)


  1. Mei, the bracelet looks great! What kind of wire were you using? I have used up to 24 gauge copper wire (Artistic wire) to crochet with. The copper based wire is the easiest to crochet with in my experience. I have SS wire in 28 gauge and it is more difficult so I think I wouldn't go any higher than 28 gauge on the silver wire. I used chain stitch and single crochet.

  2. Thanks Leslie. I use 28ga stainless steel wire for this bracelet. It is stiff but manageable. I have not tried other wires but I bet they are all easier than stainless steel wire :)

  3. I have a free tutorial for a crocheted necklace on my site.

    I love your work, Mei! Thanks for all you do and share. Genny

  4. Hi Genny! Thanks for the link, I missed that one out. Will add that in the link :)


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