Sunday, October 05, 2008

Seahorse Pendant cum Pin/Brooch

After the first wire wrapped seahorse pendant last two days, I received a request for a similar one but with additional use as a pin/brooch. 
So, here is the seahorse pendant cum pin/brooch completed this evening. 
Stones: Tourmaline, garnet, swarovski crystal and Japanese sead beads. 
Wire: 19g for the frame and 28g for wrapping.
Length: Approx. 10cm
wire wrapped seahorse pendantthe head of the wire wrapped seahorse pendantthe tail of the wire wrapped seahorse pendantthe body of the wire wrapped seahorse pendant
wire wrapped pinwire wrapped seahorse pendantwire wrapped seahorse pendant on William


  1. Hi Mei~ I just discovered your blog through another talented artist in the U.S., Deryn Mentock. You are so creative and yes, I am inspired! Your attention to detail is impressive. I will be checking back often. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Christine! Thank you for stopping by. You are welcome to visit anytime and get inspired :) I do the same with other sites when I have the time. Will drop by yours soon. See you around.


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