Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here and There and Pearl Stud Earrings

Today was a busy day spent going here and there. First hubby and me went off to Serikin Market early in the morning for a bit of shopping. Yeah! the border town near Indonesia about an hour drive from Kuching. Bought some fruits, fish sounds, bananas and buah langsat (local fruit). While there, I took some pix, shown here are the limestone hill in Bau still covered in mist early this morning, some silver jewelry and items from an antique stall in Serikin Market, some kind of edible snails (never tried it before) and buah langsat at Kampung Duyoh roadside stalls. At BauSilver items at Serikin MarketSilver items at Serikin Market Siput at Serikin Market Buah langsat Came back around noon and I managed to whip up a pearl stud earrings. Simple one which I have done previously. pearl stud earrings pearl stud earrings Then in the evening, we drove off to the coastal part of Kuching, about 30 km out to the coast looking for fresh fish and prawns. It's hard to find fresh fish and prawn in the city as all the fresh ones goes to the restaurants. While waiting in the car with the boys, we kept ourselves busy watching some boys and a girl fishing at the riverbank. The two boys were so happy and wanted to join them. Henry was so happy to see the fishing boats...his first time seeing these boats. Well that is how I spent the day.....more wire jewelry in the coming days...hopefully. houses on stiltHenry looking out at the boats


  1. I really like the simple yet elegant framework for the pearl earings.
    You're a busy wrapper.

  2. these ornaments looks grabbing...had a try with your ad.


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