Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wire Wrapped Tulip Brooch/Pendant/Earring - All in One (maybe new Tutorial)

Spent the whole day wire wrapping this tulip brooch cum pendant cum earring (1 side only :)) and took lots of pictures as I am thinking of turning them into step by step tutorial later on...but still thinking. That is why the "maybe" in the title...hehe. Why "maybe" you may ask? Well, writing a step by step wire jewelry tutorial is not as easy as you thought. Takes lots of time in choosing the best pix, editing them, prepare the doc, writing, editing, editing, editing, proofreading, proofreading, edit again, formatting, converting files, etc. etc. That is why. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this piece and I shall announce it if I finally decided to do the tutorial. Maybe I should just go ahead with the tutorial. Ah! Let me sleep over it. Sweet dreams and good nite. Wire Wrapped Tulip Brooch/Pendant/EarringWire Wrapped Tulip Brooch/Pendant/Earring Wire Wrapped Tulip Brooch/Pendant/Earring


  1. Wow Mei, I love your tulip design :)

  2. mei, like this tulip design too. wire wrapping has been one of my to dos.. but no time, busy promoting admire your achievement on building your blog too.


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