Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wet! Wet! Chinese New Year

Today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year (CNY). The rain didn’t stop and it is still raining this morning. The sun only managed to show itself once or twice since the first day of CNY.

The last few days was spent indoors, visited few relatives and friends as well as the temples. Today, we would like to visit some more but we are still waiting for the rain to stop. Here are some pix taken the last few days.

Fish maw soup meat roll
Fish maw soup getting ready for praying
Lion Dance 1 Lion Dance 2
Lion Dance 3 Kueh mueh for CNY


  1. Happy CNY to you and your relatives!!!
    here in Poland some people say "May the best days in the previous year be the worst in the NEW one" :o)
    the food looks very delicious, especially in the second picture ... is it meat wrapped in the leaves of cabbage?

  2. Same to you. Thanks! The saying is a bit confusing though :)
    Ahhh..the food are minced meat/crab meat/prawn wrapped with tofu skin. They are delicious but my fav is the first maw soup....emmmmmm..:)

  3. Happy Chinese New Year Mei:) The food looks simply delicious. Growing up in Malaysia, I wanted to be Chinese because I loved the food so much - still do:):) Good thing my husband cooks Chinese, otherwise I may have run off with a Chinese chef:)

  4. naughty naughty Kala hehehe but I've tried some Chinese food myself and I know what you mean :o)))
    Mei, at first the saying sounded pretty tricky to me too, but I ensure you it wishes all the best :o)
    and ... as tofu skin is not very popular in my area, we use cabbage leaves instead.

  5. This looks DELISH! Happy new year to you. Please, tell what everything is in each photo. I am drooling on my keyboard ...

  6. Thanks Kala! Yeah naughty naughty you! All the food were prepared by mom-inlaw. Me no good in cooking...hopeless..hehe!
    Poranna, I think I understand the saying now. Correct me if I am wrong. It means the NEW one should be better than the best of last year.
    Cabbage leaves sound delicious. Maybe I can suggest that to mom-inlaw.

    April, I was going to tell in the blog but was in a rush so I let it be. Anyway, here it is (fm left to right) - fish maw soup. We have prawn balls, crab balls, chicken, meat rolls, button mushrooms and cabbage in this soup. The pix below this first pix is the overall look of the soup. Next is the meat roll as I explained to Poranna above :), then the fish maw soup.
    The fourth picture is my son praying/paying respect to the ancestors. The foodstuff on the table were "prepared" for "them". Its a tradition, we do this every year.
    The rest of the pix show lion dance at a friends house.
    The last pix - these colorful containers are filled with cookies, nuts, prawn crackers, banana crackers, cassava crackers, etc. which we serve to friends and relatives who come visiting.
    There goes :)

  7. Exactly, Mei :o)
    "Gołąbki" is one of the traditional food in Poland and it's one of my favourites.

  8. Happy Chinese New Year (a little belated)! Hope all is well! I miss celebrating... nothing to celebrate here, worse than NZ! Take Care, and stay dry

  9. Those Chinese New Year photos are great! The food looks so yummy. I must say though - your pictures are so good - I just wish they were a little bigger! :)

  10. I'm drooling over the food photos! Looks absolutely scrumptious!


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