Saturday, February 07, 2009

End of holidays for my fingers - Busy weaving

I rested my fingers for about two weeks in conjunction with Chinese New Year! That's a long long time but I guess they deserve the rest as they have been working very hard the whole of last year :) Not that I am complaining. After the long rest, today they start to get busy again. Took out my pliers, wires and stones and made these 2 adjustable woven wire rings. All this while I thought I have ran out of this faceted black onyx but found three of them hidden away in one of the plastic containers. The last one left is for me...hehehe. Hope I can find the same kind of stone, shape and cut again as they are one of the favorite. Adjustable wire woven faceted black onyx ring Two Adjustable wire woven faceted black onyx ring Holding the two Adjustable wire woven faceted black onyx ring


  1. Lovely rings...I don't have the patience to make something so intricate but I can appreciate the work involved!!!!

  2. Thanks Heather. I found weaving to be quite relaxing and addicting too :)

  3. hi sister mei:-) nice work are so creative. This is cornelius here from, I haven't linked to your blog as I have said before..been busy..anyway..keep up the creative work! Good to connect with people from Borneo..Kuching and not that far and I sometimes fly down to kuching..anyway..can i have your e-mail? mine is kingdomfinancer[at] it ok if I ask , once in a while, about how we as crafters, deal with shipping and handling of our crafts to ship worldwide.



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