Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rose! Rose! I Love You

First there is the black rose, then a stainless steel rose, then I got crazy and made few more copper roses. Crazier, I am writing a tutorial for this at the a whim! Look out for it tomorrow...maybe! but not long.....:D Wire wrapped black steel, stainless steel and copper wire rose rings


  1. Those are beautiful! Love the different colors. I made a copper one one some time ago and embellished it with two red czech glass beads.

  2. Thanks Kokopelli! I went to your site to check it out and am I relief to find out that they are different. Know why? Because I am about to publish a tutorial for this and afraid that it would be the same design that you have..

  3. Don't worry. They are not the same. And the ring is not an original design from me. I saw it somewhere in an online tutorial. It's always a problem with tutorials for sale, not making something that someone already published. Violating copyright law etc.


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