Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wire Work and Embroidery / Needlework

My wire muse still refuses to come home. So, last weekend I deviated a bit from wirework and revisited embroidery and needlework. Been a while since I last hold the needle and here is my experimental work - combining wire work and needlework.
combining wire work with embroidery/needlework to create this pieceLook at that! The stitches are all over the place. Do you notice that? I was practicing the different type of stitches.
combining wire work with embroidery/needlework to create this pieceThe back but don't look too close.
wire work and embroidery/needleworkWireBlissMei


  1. What an interesting combo! I never would have thought of incorporating wire work into embroidery. Like the look! Funny, I took a break from my jewelry a couple of nights this week, too and did some embroidery. It felt kinda weird!

  2. great project...at least it keeps you in the artistic mode!!!

    Hope your wire muse returns soon...



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