Saturday, July 04, 2009

"Lucky Stones"

Any idea what stone is this? The man said its "Lucky Stone". Well! I hope so! Purchased this "Lucky Stone" pendant while I was in Miri last week. Anyway, I bought it because of the intricate design, hand-carved and I was born in the year of "Sheep".
Intricate designed, hand-carved and "Sheep" pendantThe artist at work. He is from China and claimed to have started carving since 5 years old. WOW! Notice the scar on the hand. Those are burnt marks due to lightning and fire one fateful day while he was digging for this "Lucky Stone". His right hand is hidden under the table cloth the whole time we were there. That's what got us curious and asked him why! Keipo! But, we were in awe of his talent, skill and workmanship, and the pendant is worth its $$$ after seeing what he has to go through for the love of the art and to earn a living.
talented and skillful crafter working at his stall some of the stone pendants on display


  1. Mei, is it that dark green? I'll go digging through my dictionaries to see if I can find what it might be. Just need to be certain of the colour.

  2. It is grey and bit of green at the side (left). Let me know when you find it. Thanks.

  3. Any chance of serpentine? I'm definitely not a pro at rock identity, but that's my guess! What a wonderful history it has. I hope you find something truly special to do with it.

  4. Hey Mei:) I just posted a comment then may have lost it so if I come up twice, sorry! In any case, my guess is possibly serpentine? I'm not great at rock identity though so don't hold me to it! It's purely a guess. What a special piece of art you've got there. What will you do with it?


I like to hear what you have in mind. Thank you for your time.