Friday, July 31, 2009

Lecia's Sparkly Crystal Ring

Another artist I get to know through my Sparkly Crystal Ring Tutorial is Lecia of Lecia's Designs. This picture here is the Sparkly Crystal Ring made by Lecia. Very well done Lecia! :) Besides creating jewelry, Lecia is a lampwork artist. She showcases here creations at her website. I browsed around and found myself at her studio, and all I can say is WOW!, wish one day I'll receive similar birthday present :). If you read my post the other day - work station - you'll know why. This are Lecia's comments on the tutorial:
This tutorial is easy to follow, well illustrated and written. I had a ring made in less than 15 mins. TY! Thanks again for a fabulous tutorial! I will be making those rings for a long time, the ladies love them!
Yeap! The ladies really love this ring. Same here. Thank you Lecia for allowing me to share this.

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  1. She did a great job...but I do agree your tutorials are well written and easy to follow!!!



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