Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wirework "Work Station"

Here is a confession! I am very "envious" of people who have dedicated "work station/ bench/ corner / room" :) That is why I am quite shy to show you my work station. The truth is I don't have a dedicated work station while making my wire jewelry. Most of the time I am at the inner living room. Sometimes when it is too dark, I move to the main living room but then I will be fighting for space with the boys. Sometimes I work in the bedroom and last weekend I stationed myself in the dry kitchen (see picture below!) as I need the natural light for taking pictures for my up and coming wire jewelry tutorial. And guess what? I love working in the kitchen! As you can see, its bright, airy and snack within reach :). Outside the window is our orchid garden. So I look out once in a while to rest my eyes. It gets a bit warm and hot during mid-noon though, as the sun would be shining in through the windows. To escape the heat, I will move to the dining table just behind the chair here. wirework workstation in the kitchen Do you have your own working station/bench? or you are like me - a nomad...LOL.


  1. Your dry kitchen looks like a great place to work...

    I have very messy room that I've over run... :0)

    It truly is messy...when I first started I tried to keep it tidy and put everything in a special place but it doesn't seem to work for me...so I leave it be!

    When anyone comes in I don't make apologies...it is how I work!

    Enjoy your space...

  2. I don't have a work place for jewelry works, am still working on that. Mei, wouldn't it be hard for you as there's no space for your foot underneath the working surface (table)? You will have to learn forward or stand to work closer, no? Please watch out for your back, cause I had my back problem partially because of that kinda setup last time...


  3. Oh I think that is lovely place to work! I have to admit though, I do have a whole room dedicated to my creative endeavor's. Am I still considered nomadic if I rarely use the studio and am always lugging beads/stones/tools/wire/ and bags to the car, to the couch, to the chair, etc? I can't stand to be separated from them!

    Thanks for sharing your space. I love to see where anyone creates no matter what the space looks like:)

  4. Heather - a messy room is better than no room at all :) At least it shows you are working or making something.

    Corra - LOL! It is not that difficult at all although some space for the foot would be perfect. Although I spent hours making a piece, I do move around a lot. Sometimes I stand (lot of time actually), sometimes I sit sideway esp when I am not taking pictures. And most of the time I don't really need the bench as you know we will be holding the piece we are working on all the time. This way I can sit any direction. When taking pics though, then I have to "duduk terkangkang (sit with legs wide apart"..LOL. Can you visualise that? LOL

    Shay - I think we are all nomadic as I do the same thing too. I am sure I will not be able to spend hours sitting in a room/work bench. Further the nature of wirework itself is very mobile.

  5. i don't have any workstation either.. :D
    i'm also a nomad like you, mei :D

  6. Hi Mei! I am passing on the Premio Meme Award to you! http://glitterglowbeading.com/?p=460


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