Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sago Worms for Dinner!

Sago worms for dinnerFat and buttery sago worms for dinner last night! No! William didn't take any of them. I forced him to smile for the camera though :) I tasted one of them last year but that was the first and last for me. Not that it tasted bad, but the wormy look is a turnoff.

Anyway, these deep fried Sago Worms were for Audrey, who is back from NZ for the funeral. She listed down all the food she'd like to try out while here and these Worms are one of them. Didn't manage to take pix of the worm in her mouth though. We were too busy looking at her reaction and forgot all about taking pictures.

But like me, its her first and last Sago Worm!...LOL
Threw out the whole plate after that as no one is brave enough to try them out.


  1. Oh my goodness Mei...I don't know if I would try one??? It looks as though William was very happy you didn't ask him to try the worms...

    What do the worms taste like and what kind of texture do they have???
    There isn't much I won't eat at home but when it comes to food such as this from other cultures I don't think I would be very adventurous...but then I don't really know...:0)I don't like to say never.

  2. Bell, we threw out the whole plate right after that .... LOL

  3. William was very happy that he didn't hv to put one into his mouth...LOL
    It doesn't have much taste or smell actually. The texture is smooth and buttery. But then, I tried one about a year ago. So, I couldn't really remember the exact taste..;D


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