Sunday, December 06, 2009

Amber Wire Wrap Post Earrings

Kerri of Beadworks by Kerry recently shared with me her Amber Wire Wrap Post based on my Top Wrapped Stud Earrings Tutorial. Here are pictures of the wrapped post by Kerri. There are more pictures at her Etsy Shop.
This beauty makes my hand itchy to go make some studs soon.
While you are at Kerri's Etsy Shop, do check out here awesome bead works. I especially like this Beadwoven Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green Necklace. If you would like to find out more about  Kerri 's journey, she also has a blog -
Kerri, thank you for sharing.
Happy weekend all! 


  1. You're welcome! I love your tutorials, very easy to follow and cute designs. Thank you for sharing with everyone :)

  2. keep up the good work, great tutorials!

  3. Lovely earrings...the necklace is gorgeous...beading works such as this always impresses me!!!



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