Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Here and There

We were out and about for the last two weeks. First mom, sis, nieces and nephew came visiting for about a week.
Henry (right) and Brian (cousins) really adore each other :) Can't bear to let Brian go home.
Henry and Brian hugging at the airport

 Henry and Brian hugging at the airport
Earlier, they were at the crocodile farm - more pictures here. It was really hot and humid so we didn't really stay that long and the boys were restless almost immediately wanting to go to the next stop.the boys looking at the crocodiles at Jung Crocodile Farm
Pink face due to the heat.
Notice William's new teeth. Hope they are not "wai wai" one.
William at the Jung Crocodile Farm
Then, last weekend, me and hubby went looking for fresh fish...
No! not on this boat...Am just playing around with the camera..
blue boat in the river
 Stop by the jetty at Kpg. Rambungan and have a 'long walk' right to the end of the jetty.
Several people were fishing there and one of them caught a kilo+ fish.
 Long jetty at Kpg. Rambungan
  There were lots of fish at Kampung Sempadi but not our type of fish...catfish...yikes!
lots of fish at Kampung Sempadi, in the freezer
Still at Kampung Sempadi, we met an old man busy building this long boat.
Talked to him for a few minutes...hmm...hubby likes to talk to strangers who turned out to be his friend's uncle...small world...
Kampung Sempadi, we met an old man busy building this long boat

Then, its home sweet home without fresh fish.
mountain at a distance


  1. Wonderful photos Mei...I love see cultural photos like these, to see how other people spend their time/lives!!!

    Henry, he is so cute, seems to have a "best friend" in Brian...does Brian live far way?


  2. :) I have lots more photos like that but didn't one too post too much here as it will overtook the jewelry post. Will post more on my other blog next time - http://orchidbliss.blogspot.com

    Yeah! Henry actually did say (many times) that Brian is his good friend. Wants to share all his toys with him.
    Brian lives about 1000km fm here, about 2.5hr flight from here.


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