Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No Wonder, its Winter Solstice Festival with Wire Wrapped Fruity Dangle Earrings

While taking shower this evening, I kept wondering why my fellow colleague left home early today. Normally they stay till 6pm or later. But this evening all left before 6pm. By the time I left, the office was empty. It only occurred to me during shower that its Winter Solstice Festival today. They left early to make sure they are on time for dinner with families. See how hardworking we are that we forgot about talking to each other except about work...hehe...
More on Winter Solstice Festival here. But then, we did have our festival family dinner (small scale) with our favorite soup as well as the Tangyuan (glutinous rice balls). The Tangyuan was a last minute purchase and preparation. Just before dinner, I walked to the nearby hypermarket to purchase 3 packets of the ready made tangyuan, boil them, add in gula melaka (Palm Sugar) and serve. Very simple and easy to prepare. My mom always say, once we have taken our tangyuan, we are one year older. That is why this festival is considered as the most important festivals of the year (some may not agree but that's what mom says) :)
While rushing for all this, I forgot to take photos of the tangyuan. Nevermind, but here's another type of tangyuan for your viewing pleasure :D More fruity....
Multi gemstones wire wrapped dangle earrings
Multi gemstones wire wrapped dangle earrings


  1. Mei, I definitely like your tangyuan better! So lovely and yes, absolutely fruity!

  2. What a wonderful tradition Mei...thank you for posting the link, it is interesting for me to read about other cultural activities and the reasons behind them!!!

    Mei...these earrings are stunning...the color combo is beautiful!!!



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