Monday, December 21, 2009

Wire Wrapped Multi Gemstone Ring

This multistone ring seems to look better from the inside than the outside :)
A really tiny ring for a tiny finger - size 7. Stones are Tourmaline, Moonstone and Cherry Quartz, all my favorite stones.
Well, its 3 more days till Christmas and I still owe people some pretties. Hope I can finish them in time.
Got to go now, happy viewing and get inspired.
Wire Wrapped Multi gemstone Ring Wire Wrapped Multi gemstone Ring
 Wire Wrapped Multi gemstone Ring on finger


  1. This is lovely Mei...don't work too hard!!!

    I haven't done much in the last few days but I have to make a set of sterling silver triple rings for my daughter-in-law for a Christmas Eve gift!!!


  2. oooo, I absolutely love this wire wrapped multi stone ring. Do you have a tutorial for it? I would love to make this :)

  3. I learned this from a wire jewelry group/forum that I joined. I went back to search for it but I can't find it anymore. Not sure what happened to it Debora.
    Sorry not much of help there.


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