Saturday, December 19, 2009

Woven Earrings

Sometimes I find it a bit difficult to start on a project. This woven earrings is one of them. Maybe it is because it involves lots of coiling :) Although I use drill to coil the wire, the thought of the heavy drill, recharging the battery if its been sitting idle for a while and setting up the vice clamp can delay things a bit :) 
Don't get me wrong as I don't mind complicated projects but when there are simpler projects at the same time, I will start with the simpler projects first.
How about you?
close up of the wire woven earrings

 wire woven earrings
P.s, this woven earrings was completed on time though ;)


  1. Yeah, I'm the same kind :o)))) Easier projects go first, especially when I have to coil - I don't have a drill :(((

    The earings are awsome :o)

    psss... believe it or not, but my verification word was "prong", is it time for a prong ring? :o)))

  2. Those earrings are gorgeous Mei...I haven't done much in the way of coiling, not sure why???

    But yes...I often tend to leave a design to the last when I know it is going to be difficult or time consuming...but then there is such a feeling of accomplishment when it is done, so I'm not sure why I do that!!!


  3. :)) I think it is human nature....but I know of people who will tackle the difficult part first...


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