Saturday, January 09, 2010

What's Keeping Me Busy?

William at school- Year 1, 2010 Finally its the end of the week. I can breath a little and look forward to the next 2 days where I don't have to rush from home to school early in the morning. Rush back home to pick up the small one to his kindy and I to office. At noon, I rush to pick the both of them from school/kindy to home and rush back to office, all within an hour. Sometimes missing lunch. DH works quite far from home so I have to be the "bus driver" for now. 
Our life would not be the same to pre 2010. With William in Year 1 and Henry in kindy, everything is now centered around their schooling and activities including extra classes. He is already talking about joining taekwando classes on Saturday. There goes half of my Saturday. But I wouldn't want him to miss anything while growing up.
Parents would sacrifice anything :)
William pulling his school back to the carOverall, its been a great week for William and us. For weeks we have been wondering how it would be like for him. Is he going to like it, hate it, scared, cry, shy, etc. etc?
It is a relief to see him enjoying himself and making new friends.
Very happy to get his first tie.
He loves his school uniform.
No teary eyes when we left him on the first day.
On the second day, he told me not to walk him to his classroom. But I insisted :)
He loves his Transformer school bag...always insist on pulling it himself.
What can I say, I am very proud of him! :D and want the best for him and Henry.

OK, its late and very tired. Time to get some sleep and tomorrow I shall post some pretties.


  1. your right we would sacrifice anything for our kids...and in return we get unconditional love:) Have a great weekend!

  2. It is hard to see them become independent and go off to school, we want then to be independent but we want the to still be our little boy...I'm sure he will have a wonderful time!!!

  3. thanks sundownbeaddesigns! we strive to give them the best. A happy smiling face is enough as a return.

    Heather, now i know why my parents were always worried for us. In their eyes, we are still the little girl/boy that they want to protect.


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