Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Double Abundance and Time

How time flies. I didn't realize that its been a week since I last posted.
Office work been keeping me busy these days including weekends :(
Although I tried to keep work within the confine of "office hours", Monday - Friday, sometimes its just impossible. Not that I like to, but got to, as my line of work involves deadlines all the time.
Maybe my time management is not good enough. But I only have so much time right?
Will I do it better with a citizens watch?
That also explains why I have been a bit slow in the wire jewelry creations department.
By the time work is done, the mood for creating is not there anymore. Not only that, I have been out of touch with facebook friends and tweetering as well.
Most of the time, I'd be surfing here and there, aimlessly.
It is during one of these surfing session that I came across this site - of all sites, a watch site, gold mens watch, you name it, there is a long list there. Guess they know I have been thinking about time a lot these days. Not that I am planning to buy watch but I was attracted to the jewelry and the site layout.
You know I have been working on my site layout.
There are items and links I want to put up there but still no time to work on it.
This watch liquidator site is an inspiration.
I'd like my site to be like that one day - minimum clutter, easy and fast navigation and their shipping info, payment terms, F&Q are clearly explained in straight forward fashion.
Yeah! Lots of work needed there and clutters to clear up. What more, blogger now allows you to create your own templates design. Now I need more citizens watches!
Hopefully after this week, I'd be 'freer' to create.
I have said this hundred of times but its mid-March now and I am still behind.

Ok! not to bore you more with my rambles, here is a wire wrapped double donuts pendant I managed to complete after a long long time. Sorry Bi to have kept you waiting for a while :)
This is really a special pendant and the feeling it gives me is - ABUNDANCE!
Isn't it great?
I wish for abundance of time.
How about you?
wire wrapped double donuts pendant - tiger eye and jade
 wire wrapped double donuts pendant - tiger eye and jadewire wrapped double donuts pendant - tiger eye and jade


  1. Beautiful pendant Mei...

    I do understand...there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do everything...

    The older I get the more I tend to get distracted, not sure why??? :0)

    The way I see it is ...I do what I can, and what I can't gets done later...I think I've begun to take time to "smell the flowers"...


  2. I love your collection. Nice color combination. stylish and super sweet.


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