Monday, March 08, 2010

Multi Stones and Colors Wire Cuff

This multi-stones and colorful wire cuff took the longest time to complete.
Not sure why! I started yesterday and only managed to finish this evening.

multi-stones and colorful wire cuff
multi-stones and colorful wire cuff
Various beads and stones were used for this cuff.
19ga wire for the frame and 28ga for coiling and wrapping stones, crystals and pearls to the frame.

Kuching is so hot these few days.
When its hot and humid, the mood for creating also affected...just wishing there's an air condition in the living room :)


  1. Hello are you!
    Love, love, love your can be worn with absolutely anything!!!
    Mei... your blog looks wonderful, I like what you've done with it!!!

    It isn't hot here Mei,still rather cold...winter won't let go until at least the end of March!!! I do understand though about the heat and humidity, I like heat but, I'm not a fan of humidity...with out air conditioning it must be very difficult for you to do much of anything?

  2. Fine! fine here Heather :) Just a bit sleepy this cool early morning. Yeah! The rain came last night and this morning.
    Missed you for the last few weeks. You must have been busy.

  3. Morning Mei...I'm doing a Blog Roll so I stopped by to get your URL, and thought I would respond to your message...

    I was away on holiday in Florida for almost three weeks...had a wonderful time...


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