Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheryl's Sparkly Crystal Rings

This post should have been out earlier.
I received an email from Cheryl with attached pictures of her first attempt of the Sparkly Crystal Ring based on my tutorial. I was stuck in a hotel room in Bintulu with lousy wifi connection so didn't manage to blog about it.
Back home, I got distracted by work and an urgent custom order it is...
Don't you feel energize with the color combination?
Very well executed for a first try. 
Cheryl's Wire Wrapped Sparkly Crystal Rings
Cheryl's Wire Wrapped Sparkly Crystal Rings
I did not see them there last week but now Cheryl has few of them in her shop - Sugar Sugar Designs
The extra coils for the shank make the ring more sturdy.
All the best for you Cheryl.

I have forgotten how many of other jewelry friends' creations I have posted here but I will never get tired of showing off your works :)
So, if you have pretties made based on my tutorial/s, show them off!
I'd love to show them off here for you too. Just email me pictures of your piece/s.
If you have website, webshop, blog, etc, let me know too and I can link to them in the post.
Good for you and good for me :D

If you would like to try making this sparkly ring, check out the tutorial at my Etsy Shop - Sparkly Crystal Ring Tutorial


  1. I just love this ring.The ring is unmissable! I like the color.

  2. It's a very good tutorial, she did a great job! If you would like to check it out- I tried it out too- my blog is
    Please come visit!

  3. Beryl, I saw your ring and you did very well too.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Amazing design.. Wonderful colors.. I like this ring so much.. I will like to include it in my collection.. Thanks for sharing..


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