Monday, April 12, 2010

The Lucky Number "8" - Pendant

If you are a Chinese, then you know that number "8" is considered a very lucky number.
If possible, you'd want this number in your phone no., house no., account no., car plates, special days, etc! etc! Some people are willing to pay high price to get this lucky number.
Why is this number considered lucky?
Well, simply because the word "eight" in Chinese (Cantonese in my case) sounds like the word "fatt" (read as in "butt") which means "to prosper/ prosperity". This refers to prosperity in terms of wealth most of the time :)
In jewelry, there are lots that represent this lucky number.
Maybe when it is worn against your body/skin, it is more potent. Hope so!
OK, to the point of this post, here is a custom made wire wrapped number "8" pendant.
This pendant measures about 5cm from top to bottom.
Embellished with natural seed pearls and a large teardrop smoky quartz.
The white (pearl) and black (quartz) represent the Ying and Yang of life.
The Lucky Number "8" - Pendant with pearl and Smoky Quartz

The Lucky Number "8" - Pendant with pearl and Smoky Quartz
I wish the owner, all the "fatt" after she wears this pendant.
Throw some spillover, over to me...LOL!


  1. I love it! What a gorgeous piece, and if it does aid prosperity, please let me know so that I can commission me one of these :P

  2. that case you might one to commission for this number combination - "168" which means "All the way Prosper"
    Hmm..that gives me an

  3. Gorgeous is the first word that came into my mine! Luv it, Mei. You are genius...

  4. This is lovely Mei. :) Yes, 'fatt'! Should have a double 'fatt' at some point...

  5. i learned something new!
    a very pretty piece!

  6. Thanks Ling, thanks Shuku and thanks Shuku.
    Glad you learn something new :)

  7. Wow Mei...your pendant is absolutely gorgeous!!! The black/white/silver combo is always it!

    I also wanted to say I enjoy it when you give us a cultural tidits... great fun!


  8. Thank you Heather :)
    I shall try to add some interesting info in future promise though as not all are culturally related...hehe.


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