Thursday, September 16, 2010

ArtFire Group Deal - $5.95 Per Month

I don't have much luck/sales at ArtFire and have been a BASIC-PRO and back to BASIC seller since I joined in 2008. With the sales I made there, it is not sustainable to cover the monthly fee of $15.95. But yesterday, I decided to take up the ArtFire Group Deal of $5.95/month. This is the lowest rate so far.
The thing is, this offer need at least 20,000 member to get activated.
As of today, there are already 2,000 sign ups.
The details are available here - ARTFIRE GROUP DEAL TERMS, CONDITIONS, AND FAQ and here is an excerpt from it:
This promotional rate offer is made contingent on  a “group discount” model where the promotional rate is guaranteed  to be activated only after a total of  20,000  users also accept the offer within the offer window ( a date range TBD by  In the event that the group discount minimum is not met, the promotional rate may still be activated at the sole discretion of , however, activation of the promotional rate is guaranteed only after the minimum number of users accept the offer.  Once activated, the promotional rate of $5.95 becomes your permanent locked in rate as long as you maintain your subscription.
OK, I am very confident they will get 20,000 registration without much problem. If you have been considering ArtFire, this is the best time to become a PRO seller at ArtFire.
Here is the Group Deal page leading to the sign up page.
Otherwise, tell your friends about it. There is no hidden fees.
Oh..and I am not making anything out of this.
I just feel that this is a very good alternative venue to sell handcrafted items online.
As PRO members, there are various tools available to promote your shop.
I am salivating over them...hehehe...I want! I want! I want!...LOL...

My BASIC shop at ArtFire - WireBliss Design Artisan Studio
Have a great and wonderful day.
I am going back to my wires and pliers.

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