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Herringbone Weaved Rings Revisited

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Its been a while since I got into this Herringbone Weaved Craze.
In fact, when I first got hooked with wire wrapped jewelry, the Herringbone Weaved technique is one of the first that I learned....because....the tutorial is available for free online.
Free tut link at the bottom of this post.
They can be ugly if you are new to this weave...LOL.
Look at these two that I made 3 years ago..don't laugh!
But then I got hooked and made more of them.
So, the lesson from this...don't give up, you will end up making beautiful Herringbone Weaved Rings....hehehe...like me...
Here is for Sunday sharing.

Be adventurous and you will be able to come up with various pretties with this versatile weave - bracelet for example.

Free Tutorials Links:
Eni's Free Herringbone Weave Tut
Herringbone Weave by Snowskin

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