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Gaga Over Green

Sunday, September 05, 2010

This one takes longer than expected.
Or am I procrastinating? :)
Tend to do the easier ones first and for the last few weeks I have been busy with works.
For this piece, I spent a lot of time choosing,
un-choosing, matching and un-matching the green themed stones.
This is the final result and I am not even sure if this is the best match.

This necklace consists of several components. Here are two of them.
The green adventurine wire wrapped pendant and beads cluster consisting of various gemstones - peridot, jade, rutile quartz and green agate.

The main part, the heart shaped wire wrapped pendant, adorned with the various stones including peridot, cherry quartz and prehnite.

The chain part, wire wrapped gemstones including moonstones, green agate, jade, clear quartz, prehnite and Swarovski crystal for a bit of sparkle.

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