Thursday, November 04, 2010

Beautiful Wire Works and Inspirations

Do you know what is so great about wire jewelry?
:) Ok, one of them is that you make many friends (some may say including enemies!) from all over the world.
Of course with the great help from internet. Without it, there will be no friends, or maybe not as many :)
I befriended a very talented wire jewelry artist from Italy recently. So, in this post I would like to introduce you to Giorgia Iorio who owns the blog Fili d' Argento. Well, her blog is in Italian but that doesn't matter because by looking at her creations, the language barrier is not that important anymore.
There are apps to translate foreign languages to your language quite easily - try Google translate.

This is what Giorgia has to say about this art form - "I like precision, the wire must be perfect......"
Well, I'll let pictures of her creations do the talking and show you what she meant by this.
Aren't they all works of AWESOME perfectness :)? Check out her wire animals and cartoon characters....cute and inspiring.
These are just few of her works, get inspired at her blog - Fili d'Argento.
Thank you Giorgia for letting me share your work.


  1. Thanks Mei!!!
    This article is very nice and your works are wonderful!!! ;)
    I added your link to my blogroll!

    Giorgia(Fili d'Argento)

  2. Giorgia`s cute animal wire work designs are simply awesome!! Very original. Pearl


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