Saturday, December 18, 2010

Murano Bracelet and Car Service

So here I am, at Toyota Service Center waiting for my car.
I have another 2 hours to kill but it will not be a boring 2 hours with internet access, comfortable sitting area and a small table all for myself. With free breakfast, perfect!
Haha! Just joking! Here's a peek of the place.
Pic on the left is on my right hand side - registration area, while pic on the right is in front of me - waiting area.
Back to jewelry, here is a recently completed bracelet. A simple wire wrapped Murano Bracelet for Marcia.
It goes very well with her dress but I didn't get to snap pictures of her wearing both in their rush to a wedding dinner last night. But it really matches her dress!!! Next time maybe.
simple wire wrapped Murano (round with red dots) Bracelet
simple wire wrapped Murano (round with red dots) Bracelet with charms
Added some "LingLingLongLong!" (my interpretation of charms) to give it a bit of...well..charms :)
I love those long straight flattened wires. I was going all out hammering them. Ok, exaggerated a bit there :)
Somehow hammering makes me....hmmm....rather happy. Why is that I wonder?
Maybe I am imagining hammering something else or someone else...LOL...
pandora style beads white with red dots
I was actually at the local bead shop looking for pandora style beads but this one caught my eyes immediately, and I was "Hey! this matches Marcia's dress!!". Get it!!
A pair of matching earrings is next but that will be for later today.
Hopefully we don't have other plans for the day and I don't get distracted.
Seems like this is happening a lot these days - distractions! Those unplanned ones especially.

Anyway, while we are still with Murano beads, here are some of my collection.
I have more actually (show off!!!) but I didn't dig deeper into my chest of treasures last night..hehehe.., so these are the easy to reach ones only.
colorful murano beads
The glassy and black ones as well as the murano pendants (top left corner, orange and white - sorry! I missed taking a good shot at that one. Must have been sleepy!) are gift from Ahmi. She got them when she was in Europe and they are for keepsake. They are awesome glass beads.
Sometimes, I got lost staring at and within them and wonder how they are made and who are the artists producing them.
That's all for now and I wish all of you a happy and productive weekend.


  1. Mei those are LOVELY beads and that's such a gorgeous bracelet! I like the ling long. I like adding those too! Recently had a bazaar - my first! But didn't sell hardly anything though, sigh.

  2. Hi Shuku! I know you like hammering too...hehehe.
    How fun to be in a bazaar :) I guess people are still not into handmade yet but hope for better sales next round.
    All the best.

  3. Gorgeous bracelet, lucky you to have so many beautiful beads!!! The sticks are great...I enjoy the hammering/ is rewarding to work with see the results immediately, whether you like it or not... :0)

    I also use "LingLingLongLong" all the you I think it adds charm/character to the piece.

    Yes...distractions,but what can we do? Hope you have a productively enjoyable day Mei.


  4. Those Murano beads are great! I had the chance to spend a day with a beading friend in Venice last year and we had the luck to watch the glass artists at work. Awesome!

  5. Wow, that's a fab collection you have :) I hope you have a lovely Christmas


  6. Yeah! I got distracted again including today Sunday and only managed 2 pairs of earrings.

  7. How lucky you Kokopelli to be able to watch the glass artists at work. One day....:)

  8. Thanks Laura. Same to you - A Happy and Merry Christmas.


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