Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Offwire: Picnic, Stream and Pebbles

We were back to our favorite weekend spot last Sunday - a small stream in Borneo Highland, about an hour drive from the city. This time around, we did more planning (Yeah! most of the time we don't plan. We just decide on the spot and jump into the car). So, instead of the normal junk food (chips and more chips), we decided to do a bit more this time - Barbecue! Just need more preparation the night before such as marinating the chicken wings, prepare the charcoal, drinks, clothing, etc.etc...In the end, everyone enjoyed the trip.
walking in the river at Padawan
The gang on the way to the other bank.
Starting the fire and the yummy chicken wings, potatoes and buns (not in pix) and sausages
Starting the fire and the yummy chicken wings, potatoes and buns (not in pix) and sausages :). They are really yummy especially when you are hungry...Too bad we didn't find any sweet corn at the market that morning.
the cousins enjoying the river
For all the planning, we forgot the cups. So ended up using the polystyrene cover as replacement!
at the river on a sunny day, looking at my own legs
While the rest went upstream to the hot spring, I stayed behind to look after our belongings.
What else can I do? Well, I did a bit of camwhoring...hehehe....
The water is only knee deep, very clear and lots of pebbles. Collected some but didn't take any picture.
On the way home, we stopped by a Bidayuh longhouse. Marcia took picture next to a cage full of skulls. Souvenirs from the head hunting period, probably more than 100 years ago.
Some villagers on the way to church, probably in preparation for the coming Christmas celebration.

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  1. That looks like so much fun Mei...and the scenery is amazing!!! I would love to be there...having barbecue, camwhoring?,checking out the skulls, visiting the villages along the way!!!

    Seriously it would be amazing to visit and learn about your country...I know that isn't possible, but it is fun to dream! I really enjoy the photos you share...
    Have a great day Mei...


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