Monday, May 23, 2011

The Two Wire Wrapped Donut Pendants

These two donut pendants are for man.
For all that I remember, I have not done a lot of men jewelry and I hope this two are masculine enough that the owner is comfortable wearing them.
Both donuts are really huge. My first time working with such huge donuts..LOL..
The jade measures about 5cm+ while the rutilated one just slightly smaller.

two wire wrapped donut pendant for man - rutilated gem and jade
On my palm and you can see how huge they are.
Maybe I have short fingers :)!
two large wire wrapped donut pendants for man - rutilated gem and jade on my hand
Close up of the weaving and "black needles" within the stone.
Close up of the weaving and "black needles" within the stone
......and the other one.
Close up of the weaving for the jade dunot pendant
Enjoy your remaining weekend......


  1. Hey are you?
    These donuts are great...definitly masculine looking and yes large!
    I don't make a great deal of men's jewelry either...
    I can only remember a couple of times I've done custom orders specifically for a man and both were very specific about what they wanted! :~) Men have purchased peice already made though.
    I'm sure your customer will be happy with them!
    Have a great day...

  2. Fine! Fine here after about 2 weeks of under the weather. Hope you are fine over there :)
    It is kind of hard to design for men as we are so used to creating for women.
    Must think of men more often now...LOL

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  4. HOW DO I MAKE THIS! It's beautiful <3


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