Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wire Wrapped Jade Donut Pendant

I have been slack in updating this blog lately but I hope it will pick up soon....mmmm...been saying this for the hundredth times? :) but I hope you don't mind and keep reading or at least look at the pictures posted here to get inspired.....
This is a commissioned jade pendant. Completed just before we went off for our two weeks holidays.
wire wrapped jade donut pendant
wire wrapped jade donut pendant
Side view, kind of complicated but not really...just follow the flow.
view of the little spiral behind the wire wrapped jade donut pendant
View of the back...simply a little spiral.
side view of the wire wrapped jade donut pendant
Side view of the back, not as complicated.
Have a great weekend dear readers!


  1. I always love to see your wire work is always perfection in my eyes!!! Your work inspires me to be better in what I do!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful when you can...we all have times when we've been lacks in updating...can't be helped sometimes. :~)


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