Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jewelry or Handbags?

Are you a jewelry or a handbags person?
No! This is not a quiz and there are no correct or wrong answers :)
When it comes to jewelry and handbags, I admit I am both a jewelry and handbags person.
Of course, not forgetting shoes, apparel, accessories, etc. etc. but these would be for another day.

Now, back to jewelry and handbags, I am sure you'd agree they are women's best friends.
Erm...What am I rambling about this time?
Well, its mid-November now and December is coming.
So many holidays around the corner - Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year....
Now you know what I am getting at? :)
It is the time of the year again......where you see sales sign everywhere, 70% less, 50% less, 20% less, etc.
Yeah! It is shopping time!
Too much temptation, its hard not to shop.

Handbags! Purses!
1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, they are never enough.
I...lurv!..lurv!..lurv!....handbags and purses.
I am always in search for the perfect handbags and purses, which is not easy.
Maybe that is why we women always ended up with more (handbags and purses) than we can use.
If you are like me, still searching for the perfect one, how about shop handbags here.
The perfect one might be here :)

As for jewelry, I don't really shop for them as I made them myself....a bit of self promotion here..hehe
Anyway, if you are looking for jewelry, shop jewelry might just have what you're looking for. There is a handmade category if you prefer handmade. 

Until the next time, happy shopping!


  1. you I'm a jewelry & handbag person!!!
    I actually don't have as much jewelry as I would like as I don't have time to make it for myself! :~)

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. LOL....I almost purchase another handbag two days ago.

  3. I think I love both equally as well! Maybe jewelry a little more since the options are endless!


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