Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Boy and his Sketches

Henry celebrated his 6th birthday 4 days ago. How time flies....
It was his happiest day because he got his birthday cake with Ben 10 theme (he's been thinking about this cake for the last few months), he got some presents for his kindy friends and got a huge red heart drawing in return, he got his favorite beach ball, he got to eat at one of his favorite places, he got his Ben 10 comic book and two more story books.
Glad he decided to have books instead of toys.
Here is the birthday boy and his brother :)
Henry with his 6th birthday cake

William and Henry

Henry and William love to sketch and draw.
Guess all kids are the same. Now, I am going to bring a bit of smile to your face with his sketches of the family .......
Henry sketches of family
From left to right, that's me with my favorite green blouse (that's according to him... ermm maybe I wear it too often), followed by the daddy, William and himself the smallest with his favorite color, blue.
Henry sketches of the mumSketch of Henry himself
That is me again on the left and him on the right. He missed out his nose.
Notice my necklace and pendant? Very nice, so sweet of him.
Then, I asked him to draw a close up of me...curious on how I look like in his eyes................
Henry sketch of mummy
Tada!!!! How about that? Can't help but LOL....I gave him an A+++ for this.
But why is it my eyes always looking downward?
Maybe I am busy with wirework all the time...LOL...
Anyway, I love that all his sketches of us are with smiling faces.
Self portrait of himself/Henry
Finally, a self-portrait of :)
So, what do you think of this sketches?
I think they are very cute...


  1. You have got lovely kids. I hope your boy will never stop drawing people with smiling faces.

  2. Happy belated birthday to Henry! The sketches are so fun! He draws everyone with a smile on their face which is fantastic! I love that he put a necklace on you.

  3. This was a great post happy I didn't miss it!!!

    Happy Birthday to Henry...he sounds like he had a wonderful day!

    I love all his drawings...smiles, a necklace and his favorite blue shirt!!!


  4. It was the happiest day for him. In fact the few days before were too. He listed down the things he wants for his birthday and we went looking and shopping for them together. The look on his face melts the heart :)

  5. I LOVE to see parents posting their kids drawings....such pride. Thanks for sharing!!


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