Sunday, May 06, 2012

Going Extinct Soon......

I may be wrong but with all the mobile trends, ereaders, smartphones, ebooks, tablets, pads, apps, etc.....less and less people are reading the good old fashion "physical' books, therefore the good old fashion bookmarks is going extinct sooner than you expected.

Here are a few last ones....kakaka...the last handmade wire wrapped bookmarks with beads and crystals at WireBliss :)

They are made of 16ga wires, half hard and hard.
I have to resort to the hard wire when I ran out of the half hard wire.
But duh, they are reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaly tough to work with.
I was having a very hard time bending them (notice those with less bending and shaping - those are hard wire!).
I thought I'am going to break my pliers or fingers working on them.
Guess it is really going extinct at WireBliss as I can't find the half hard 16ga wire anymore and I don't plan to work on the hard 16ga wire again...too painful.
The only good thing about them for this project is that there is no need to harden them with hammering. Well, maybe just a little bit.

Now that I think about it, I forgot about my copper wire.
I guess I can try that out some other time.
Its way softer and I have some thick ones stash somewhere.

Selection of wire wrapped bookmarks with gemstones and beads

Wire bookmarks with beads and gemstones

Wire wrapped clovers as bookmark charms

Wire bookmarks by WireBliss
Have a great weekend folks.

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