Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swarovski Pearls are Pretty

If I have the choice, I would always go for the real/original/natural pearls.
However, I am beginning to like the Swarovski pearls.
They look so much like the real pearl and all of them are perfectly rounded :)
There are few colors to choose from but I am sure this creamy colored ones would be more popular than the other colored ones....this is based on my experience with natural colored pearls.

How about you? Which one do you prefer?
The first two pictures below are Sparkly Wire Wrap Rings made of Swarovski pearls.

Wire wrapped Swarovski Pearl Ring

Wire wrap Swarovski Pearl Ring

This bunch below are a mixture of Swarovski pearls and natural pearls.
Can you tell the difference between them in terms of color?

Bunch of wire wrapped Swarovski Pearl and Pearl Rings - WireBliss

Closer view :) Can't tell by the color but their perfect roundness would give them away :)
Wire wrapped Swarovski Pearl and Pearl Rings

If you would like to learn how to make this type of ring, check out my Sparkly Crystal Ring Tutorial at Etsy.


  1. Hey Mei...gorgeous rings...I like the Swarovski pearls myself...but like you I think I prefer the real pearls. I can't tell the difference in the photos but I hope I could if I held them in my hand?


  2. Hi Heather. Happy to hear from you again. Been a while. Guess we are all busy :)
    You'd absolutely be able to tell the difference if you hold them. Swarovski pearl is perfectly rounded unlike the real pearls :)

  3. What fun, I am unable to tell the difference between a real pearl and the Swarovski crystal pearl. I adore the Swarovski pearls and so many colors to choose from when I am creating.

    Love your ring, quiet elegant!



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